Apani Dhani Eco-Lodge

In Nawalgarh - Shekhawati - Rajasthan (India)

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Statment by the founder

 Native of Nawalgarh, in Shekhawati (Rajasthan), Ramesh C. Jangid is no doubt the pioneer of a “militant” tourism in Rajasthan.

 - In 1985, he opened the first “home-stays” of the region in his modest family house, thus breaking the monopoly of palaces converted into hotels.

- In 1986, he founded his travel agency, Alternative Travels – India, already proposing fair and responsible tours in India, in an attempt to combat mass tourism development and its ill effects.

- In 1990: he designed Apani Dhani Eco-lodge according to the same philosophy.

- In 1993, he co-founded the association "Friends of Shekhawati" and in 2004, initiated the local branch of INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), under which he works, as a volunteer,  for heritage protection and local development.


 "In our local dialect, Apani Dhani means our home « our hamlet ».

 In the 1980’s, encounters with environmental movement activists, mainly from Germany and Sweden, have increased my interest in environmental protection. 

 In March 1990, my family and I were able to buy a land, barren at that time. My dream was to build a small village combining ancient know-how and modern technology; implementing alternative sources; providing harmonious natural and human environment, promoting local crafts etc.

Apani Dhani Eco-lodge has been created to promote a different type of tourism: an environmentally friendly tourism involving a deep respect for the host country, financial benefits to the local community and an authentic experience for travellers.

 Apani Dhani , where I now live with my family, did not go up in one day.  We built it bit by bit, according to our financial resources, and keep on putting a lot of effort every day into investing in quality.

 Through these lines, you surely understood that this eco-lodge represents a lot to me, much more than just a way to financially support my family.

 I hope you will feel like spending some time in Apani Dhani and that I could share part of my dream with you".

 Ramesh C. Jangid